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Yu Hongqing

Mega Media, Zhejiang Huamai Network Technology Co. Ltd

Deputy General Manager

Yu Hongqing

Yu Hongqing is Deputy General manager of Zhejiang Huamai Network Technology Company, which operates under the name of Mega Media as a professional service provider (online and offline) for media professionals such as producers, distributors, TV stations, and new media platforms etc., helping them to seek international co-operation opportunities.

Speed Meeting Requirements:

Willing to buy finished animations series and films, and is interested in new IP development. The company is also looking to get in touch with interactive/game companies to introduce them and their products to Chinese consumers. They also want to invite foreign companies to benefit from free Megamedia membership and to enjoy the benefit of the huge Chinese market, whether through distributing, licensing or co-producing. They also want to help foreign companies or associations participating at iABC-CICAF next year.