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The Butterfly Children Limited

Peter Vernon-Kell


The Butterfly Children Limited

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The Butterfly Children Limited owns and produces an animated pre-school children’s TV show ‘The Butterfly Children’ –  available now. 

We have one half hour special finished – and over 80 x 7 minute episodes written and ready for production.

The Butterfly Children TV show is original and based on the beautiful hand drawn books that we publish in English and Chinese.

In every episode The Butterfly Children are trying to look after the forest and do good. The horrible Moth Gang are trying to stop them and make a mess, but every episode ends with things being resolved and a good point being simply made with fun and laughter.

Music is also an important part of The Butterfly Children with our original songs and tunes.

Parents and children world-wide love butterflies and our characters come from all over the world and have wings that are exact replicas of genuine butterfly wings.

We have been developing this project for over ten years. It is charming, educational and cute.

We are keen and excited about The Butterfly Children and we are dedicated to its world-wide success. To us, television has always seemed the natural home for The Butterfly Children, so please join us to make this a great and unique show for children of the world. Contact PVK –  07836 226 030