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Steve Wynne

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Steve Wynne

Steve Wynne is an award winning Creative with over 20 years of production experience in content and television for broadcasters and networks across the globe.

He was a producer of ITV’s phenomenally successful RTS & BAFTA-award winning series SMTV:Live and CD:UK.   Leaving Wonkey Donkey behind, Steve was appointed Executive Producer at Disney Channel where he produced the BAFTA Award winning ‘Disney Channel Kids Awards’.

He was named a Broadcast Hot Shot – he had his photo taken and everything.

In 2005, Steve joined Warner Brothers International Television as Director of Production. He was responsible for the development & production of all WB television formats created outside the US.

In 2007, Steve set up Rival Media – producing primetime factual, features, entertainment and children’s series for UK, US and international networks.
Their hit shows included ‘Rooftop Rainforest’ (Sky 1), ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ (Discovery Networks International), ‘The Shrinks’ (RTE) and ‘Mission Beach’ (BBC2).

Having taken Rival to a multi-million pound business from a standing start, Steve embarked on his latest adventure in 2013, launching Pretzel TV which was BAFTA nominated for Independent Production Company of the Year in 2015.

Pretzel TV is currently working on 40+ episodes of the ‘CBBC Official Chart Show’ (CBBC), ‘Animals Like Us’ (Cartoon Network) and a new entertainment series soon to be announced.

Steve is Dad to three monkeys, likes to write letters of complaint and collects radio jingles.


Steve's Sessions

What the Vlog is This?

06 July 2016, 3:30pm-4:30pm
HUBS Bar Phoenix

What is a Vlog?  Why should I care?  Who are the Vloggers?  Why is this even a thing?  Why are all of my audience watching them? Give us 60 minutes and we’ll tell all.  From the CBBC Official Chart Show team, led by our Vlogger, Millie Lloyd, this is a…

Who Wants to be a Kids’ Millionaire?

07 July 2016, 12:45pm-1:45pm
HUBS The Stage

We have seen great International successes with formats in the grown-up and family space. Shows such as ‘Total Wipeout’ and ‘Ninja Warrior’ are the latest in a long line of hits. Research tells us that children are tuning in, but it appears that no one has yet made a successful kid specific…

The Changing Face of Production

07 July 2016, 2:10pm-3:10pm
Showroom Cinema 3

The rise of digital is changing the media industry daily and production companies are increasingly considering digital platforms as an integral part of their distribution strategies. Furthermore, the last decade has seen the creation and growth of a large sector within the industry delivering digital content exclusively. The gap between…

Under the Bonnet of Over the Top

06 July 2016, 5:10pm-6:00pm
Showroom Cinema 3

How will the proliferation of OTT services change the kids media market? Is the UK big enough to support services from Disney, the BBC, Sky, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Hopster and many others? Is OTT cannibalising kids TV or growing the market? Can UK OTT companies compete with the major international…