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Sioned Wyn Roberts


Commissioning Editor, Children’s

Sioned Wyn Roberts

Sioned is responsible for all children’s content on S4C as well as the channel’s Welsh learners’ content.

Since joining S4C in 2012, Sioned has commissioned innovative projects like ‘Y Lifft’, the first playalong gameshow for kids in the UK then ‘Ludus and Pyramid; Madron’ innovative animation and digital comic app and @tifiacyw twitter service for parents learning Welsh

Sioned is a programme-maker and worked at the BBC 1990-2006 producing and directing radio, television and interactive content and later joined the independent sector producing a host of shows such as CBeebies’ ‘Alphablocks’.

Sioned's Sessions

Speed Meetings: Celtic Commissioners

02 July 2015, 3:30pm-4:30pm
The Workstation (Mezzanine)

After the Commissioner Conversation sessions, commissioners will be available for 5-minute one-to-one advice meetings. We advise you to attend the Changing Channels: Commissioner Conversations with the Celtic Commissioners session beforehand to acquaint yourself with their areas of interest before attempting to book meetings. We suggest you use these meetings as a chance to…

Changing Channels: Commissioning Conversation with the Celtic Commissioners

02 July 2015, 2:10pm-3:10pm
Showroom Cinema 2

Producers are a hardy bunch. You have a great idea. It can travel. But how do you get it made? The Celtic Commissioners could hold the key. With no multi territory diktats to adhere to, what they lack in budgets they make up for in speedy decision making and a…

Play, Make and Share: Inspiring Creativity

03 July 2015, 2:10pm-3:10pm
Showroom Cinema 2

As creativity is increasingly squeezed out of formal education how can children’s media inspire and enable children to express themselves and learn through making and sharing? Kids are claiming back their education.  They’re nurturing their own passions, finding their own spaces, making their own choices, publishing for themselves and looking…

Finance Lab

03 July 2015, 1:00pm-1:45pm
Showroom Cinema 3

Our expert panel of content funders, covering the widest of spectrums from specialist bankers and financiers at one end to tax credits and other forms of soft finance on the other, and taking in broadcasters and co-producers along the way, will help our three kids' producers piece together their recipes…