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Sean Feeney

GFM Animation London

Head of Production

Sean Feeney

In early 2018, Sean joined GFM to develop and expand the slate of 2D and 3D CGI animated movies under the GFM Animation banner. GFM Animation now has some 10 animated films, and 6 TV shows on the slate, with a total production budget of over 250m USD. As a result, GFM has set up GFM Animation for animated movies, and GFM Kids for children’s TV projects.

As Head of Production, Sean not only helps with GFM’s traditional role as Sales Agent, including Film Finance, Pre Sales and Distribution – but has been central in negotiating Budgets, Financial Plans, VFX Breakdowns, Worksplits and Schedules, whilst also managing Notes on scripts and artwork for sales and production, sourcing studios, overseeing schedules and key milestones, VFX to Post. From “soup to nuts”.

With a twenty plus year career in animation, VFX and post-production, starting at MPC as a runner, via Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and more recently Prime Focus, Sean brings considerable knowledge and extensive experience to his role. Sean has unique skills in global production management, from pre production scheduling, through day to day line production. He also has excellent client management skills, and an excellent knowledge of TV and film finances, having lead pitches and produced shows with GFM, Disney, Splash, M2/LEGO, Anima, GFM, Mattel, Hasbro and the BBC amongst others. He has also worked extensively with Film London (BFI), and spoken at international festivals in India and China.

Before joining GFM, Sean was Senior Vice President of Prime Focus World’s Animation Division. The division was set up after a pitch with M2 Film for the LEGO Chima TV Series with M2 at Cannes in 2011. “At the time there was no animation pipeline or crew. Just the belief that we could set everything up in time to deliver our first multi – episode TV series, Prime Focus having never done it before”. Sean took on the production challenge of making this work with a small team in London whilst building a massive team in India. He travelled extensively to India, to help build and operationalise the teams.

With the success of the LEGO Chima project, Sean’s background and experience marked him as the natural choice to head up Global Production for the Animation Division. He went on to oversee all theatrical and TV episodic production in London and Mumbai, as well as developing PFA’s global animation profile and leading pitches on new projects.

Based in London, Prime Focus’s successes were Anima’s Scary Show and Here Comes the Grump – an 87 minute Theatrical, followed by the Christmas 2017 Mariah Carey CG movie All I Want for Christmas. The Animation Division went on to create 4 seasons of full CGI LEGO Legends of Chima and 3 seasons of LEGO Nexo Knights. Plus 4D rides and the LEGO Pop Stars non theatrical film.

Sean joined Prime Focus in 2008 as VFX Executive Producer for the company’s Commercials division in London, and was soon involved in the creation of an in-house animation production company. He also helped develop the Commercials VFX pipeline between London and Mumbai, allowing a small team of UK-based artists to work hand-in-hand with their colleagues in the Indian facilities, and forming the precedent for the animation pipeline that was to follow. With the winning of Lego Chima in 2011, Sean’s background and experience marked him as the natural choice to lead the successful creative pitch, and ultimately to head up the fledgling animation division.

Prior to his time at Prime Focus World, Sean worked a number of production and post-production companies, including Jim Henson’s Creature Shop as Head of Digital Animation and Post Production, where he VFX produced titles such as It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002), Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (2001), Sesame Street: 4D Movie Magic (2003) and Around the World in 80 Days (2004). He has also held lead roles at MPC, Glassworks and Absolute Post.

Sean started as a runner at MPC, and before being poached by Glasswork’s, was one of their first full VFX and Animation in-house Producers.