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Samuel Hutchinson


Script Reader

Samuel Hutchinson

Upon graduating from Bournemouth University’s Scriptwriting degree in 2012, Sam started working as a Script Reader for BBC Continuing Drama. He has since also become Development Executive for independent film company, Silver Leaf Pictures, and is currently developing further feature film projects with We Move Pictures, who will be taking his short, ‘Top Hat’ to various festivals next year. Sam also writes/produces the comedy panel show, ‘A Little Bit Racey’ for Hope FM and has written/produced numerous projects for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Samuel's Sessions

Dumbing Down or Growing Up Too Fast

12 July 2013, 10:13pm-10:13pm

#TCMC As a parent of 5-year-old twins, this was really helpful. The discussions concerning limitations for children in television and literature are day-to-day issues for me. Alexander Lentjes (3D Revolution Productions). My biggest concern around this issue is that no content is being produced for 11-year-old girls. They are forced…

Meet the Commissioners: BBC

05 July 2013, 11:47am-11:47am

#TCMC Blogged by Sam Hutchinson. Quotes: "Fantastic, informative and the speakers came across as very approachable. Also, good questions were posed by the audience. They were the questions already on my mind." - Duncan Raitt (Head of Animation - Plastic Milk). "It fired me up to take the next steps.…

A slice of last night's Delegate Pizza evening!

11 July 2013, 4:04pm-4:04pm

#TCMC "Good laughs and a lot of yummy pizza eaten by all! A great chance to catch up with old friends and make a lot more new ones." - Georgia Ball (Conference Assistant). No top 10 takeaways this time. Although, if I were to fashion a list of top 10…

Cracking Freemium For Kids

11 July 2013, 5:19pm-5:19pm

#TCMC "Great to see so much disagreement. But positive too. It was a discussion about solving this ethically rather than squashing anything." Stuart Dredge (The Guardian). "Incredibly inspiring to see the Conference moving on to discussing these topics. Great forward thinking in addressing these matters." Rebecca Fitzgerald (eModeration). "Developers don't…

International Exchange: Focus on Markets

03 July 2013, 6:24pm-6:24pm

#TCMC Blogger: Samuel Hutchinson. Session comments; "A great opportunity to hear from UKTI particularly, and a great insight into the European markets. I will certainly be doing my homework now." - Olly Brown - Kanoti. "A useful overview. Everyone has a different focus and, seeing the differences, you can see…

International Exchange: Focus on China.

11 July 2013, 12:15pm-12:15pm

Blogger: Samuel Hutchinson. Very useful and informative from a practical point of view. Eamon McElwee (Producer - Global Media Finance LTD) They covered almost everything. Especially for new starters. Ge Gao (Trade and Investments - UKTI). It's time to break through the wall. There are huge opportunities in China, particularly…

Latest blogger introduction

02 July 2013, 9:29am-9:29am

#TCMC The CMC Blogging team are at work already.  They’ve been introducing themselves,   and will blog every session at CMC. So you don’t need to miss out when forced to make those agonising choices. One of the team is Samuel Hutchinson. Well, well, well... here comes my brief, succinct and,…