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Saffron Cherry Productions/ Grandpa Productions

Caroline Roberts-Cherry

Managing Director

Saffron Cherry Productions/ Grandpa Productions

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Grandpa Productions was established to deliver ‘The World According to Grandpa’ for Saffron Cherry Productions. ‘The World According to Grandpa’, created and written by Chris Heath is a mixed media children’s series starring Don Warrington as Grandpa and Sally Lindsay as the voice of Halifax the rabbit.

Each episode opens with one of Grandpa’s four children asking a question such as Why do Cats go Out at Night? What are Stars Made of? What’s Inside a Computer? And Grandpa answers with a fantastical tale brought to life though 2D animation, created at Flix Facilities, MediaCityUK. So according to Grandpa; cats go out at night to mine for jam, stars are brussels sprouts painted with glow-in-the-dark paint, and mini pigs live inside and operate your computer. Luckily Halifax is on hand with the real scientific explanation which makes for fantastic educational take away.

The first series began airing in the UK in November 2020 on Channel 5’s Milkshake! where it is currently over-performing in its slot. Grandpa Productions is also producing Welsh language with co-production partners Boom Cymru for S4C in 2021. Designed to be sold as a kit of parts in re-makeable in different territories, in addition to tape sales, ‘The World According to Grandpa’ is joyful, inclusive, imaginative story-telling show formatted with great factual take-away and an adorable talking rabbit!

With Support from the BFI Young Audiences content fund. Distributor Beyond Distribution.