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Russell Miller

The Center for Intentional Media

Managing Director

Russell Miller, Managing Director – The Center for Intentional Media

Russell Miller, Managing Director of the Center for Intentional Media, started thinking about the business of kids’ TV sometime in third grade. By middle school, he was designing live events. Back then you needed a huge room and lots of air conditioning to run a computer, so he didn’t get around to interactivity until 1983, when Children’s Television Workshop decided to build games for Commodore 64s.

Since then, he’s created transmedia properties for clients from Sesame, Disney, and Scholastic to the Metropolitan Opera. As the first director of education for Nickelodeon Digital TV, he pioneered the network-wide content agenda, framing Noggin’s basic-skills approach for preschool and The N’s lifeskills curriculum for adolescents. A journalist and filmmaker, he’s written for The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Rolling Stone.

These days, Russell is obsessed with launching Wonderreel, an online TV network delivered straight to kids’ tablets, laptops, phones and connected TVs. But he also finds time to conduct research on the neuroscience of reading acquisition at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, where he sits on the governing council.