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Rob Doherty


Animation Producer and Consultant

Rob has 20 years experience in the animation industry. He has worked in every format of animation and in many countries around the world, as well as on both sides of the production/broadcast divide; working for ITV, Aardman, Disney, M2 Films, Endemol, Initial Productions, TVC Cartoons, Grand Slamm Children’s Films, Kindle Entertainment and Nexus Productions to name several.

He also started and runs festivus, an animation social and networking event that has been going for over 12 years.

Various companies now employ his experience and skills in the capacity of animation consultant, producer and headhunter.

Rob's Sessions

Panel: International Perspectives

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 2:57pm

Introduced by: Genevieve Dexter Speakers; Sophie Boé (Canal Plus, France) Jeff Kranzdorf (Film Roman, Canada) Solveig Langeland (Sola Media, Germany) Pietro Pinetti (Studio Bozzetto & Co, Italy ) Xie Yang (China Film Group, China) Genevieve Dexter introduced the panel as part of “The Boris Tour”, organised by Film London, who…

Case Study: Self-funding a Mini-series

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 12:55pm

David Curry (Cutlass Productions) made the case for self-funding animation projects and discussed sources of such finding and support. Achieving finance for projects is difficult for UK animation producers.  There's a lot of investment in tech -  for example £1.1bn was given in funding for Virtual Reality projects in the first…

Panel: Channel News: Budgets, Projects and Targets

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 12:19pm

Tony Collingwood (Collingwood & Co.) welcomed Jackie Edwards (BBC Children’s), Nina Hahn (Nickelodeon International Production & Development) and Orion Ross (Disney Channels EMEA) Tony asked each of the speakers to introduce themselves and tell the audience what they are looking for as content for their channels Jackie Edwards: is across acquisitions for CBBC…

Research Report: The UK Animation Sector – Current Issues and Future Prospects

Posted on: Monday 14 March 2016 11:01am

As an introduction to the the Animation Exchange Question Time Panel, Lindsay Watson (CANUK Productions) presented her masters research paper ‘The UK Animation Sector – Current Issues and Future Prospects’ Since 2007 there has been a crisis in funding animation in the UK. There are over 600 studios in UK producing animation and…