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Richie Webb



Richie Webb 2014

Richie is an award-winning composer, actor, writer and radio producer. He cut his comedy teeth on live kids telly, has an impressive list of TV and radio shows to his name, and is King of the funny song.

On radio
Wrote, composed songs for and starred in eight series of ’15 Minute Musical’, winner of the Writers’ Guild Award for Best Radio Comedy, for BBC Radio 4. Wrote, produced and starred in three series of ‘The Music Teacher’, produced and performed in ‘Dave Against The Machine’, produced two series of ‘Mission Improbable’ and performed in ‘Stormchasers’ and ‘Hobby Bobbies’ – all Top Dog Productions (of which he is a director and founder member) for BBC Radio 4.
Wrote and performed in ‘The Cheese Shop’, ‘Look Away Now’ and ‘The Bigger Issues’ for BBC Radio 4 and nine series of ‘Parsons and Naylor’s Pull Out Sections’ for BBC Radio 2.

Composed all the songs for the BAFTA/British Comedy Award winner ‘Horrible Histories’ – also the subject of a BBC Prom at the Royal Albert Hall -as well as music for ‘Strange Hill High’, ‘All Over The Place’, ‘Fit’, ‘Gory Games’ and countless others for CBBC. Composed and scored ‘Trying Again’ for Sky and the ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ reunion special for 50 years of BBC2.
Composed songs for and scored ‘Baby Jake, Mr Bloom’s Nursery’ and ‘Jackanory’ for CBeebies.
Performed live comedy every Saturday morning for two solid years on ‘Live and Kicking’ for BBC1 and wrote songs for ‘Mitchell and Webb’, ‘Dead Ringers’ and ‘Armstrong and Miller’ for BBC2 and ‘Mongrels’ for BBC3.