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Paul Boross

Presentations and Pitch Specialist

Paul Boross

Paul is probably the world’s only presentations/pitch specialist, business trainer and life change expert to have real front-line experience of both motivational psychology and high profile television/stage presentation and comedy.

As a authority in communications, presentation skills, performance and pitching skills, Paul has coached and developed a large number of leading media businesspeople, politicians, doctors and performers in the art and science of ‘getting the message across’. He is also a respected keynote speechwriter and performance coach for many top business, professional, political and entertainment clients, including Sir Richard Branson and Dermot Murnaghan.

Paul’s achievements encompass prime time TV, business success, chart topping hit records, and transforming the lives of thousands of people with his unique brand of motivational psychology. He is an internationally renowned business trainer, media commentator and advisor to film stars, music moguls, business leaders and politicians around the globe.