Paul Bennun

Something Else

Chief Creative Officer

Paul is a Chief Creative Officer of Somethin’ Else, a leading content design and creation company. As well as being a major interactive content producer, Somethin’ Else is the UK’s largest radio independent and a TV entertainment indie. Paul leads the Company’s digital output and future product / business strategy. He holds internationally recognised awards in games, radio, mobile technology and interactive broadcasting such as BAFTA Awards, Sony Radio Academy Awards and the GSM Association Awards. A long-running BAFTA video games juror he’s also a trustee of arts commissioner Artangel and the Longplayer Trust, co-authored a British Government’s report on digital music, and is an artistic collaborator with several Artangel artists, writer John Berger, Theatre de Complicite and Rotozaza. Paul also presents science, technology and usability programmes for the BBC.

Paul will be a speaker in the session “New Frontiers in Storytelling”>