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Andrew Brenner

Nondescript Limited

Andrew Brenner (Writer/Creator)

63 Oakfield Road
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Tel: +44 (0)8340 9432
Miami Contact: +44 7903 879609

Andrew Brenner is a scriptwriter specialising in children’s animation and the creator of original shows, including Nick Jr. UK’s top rating series, ‘Humf’. He was recently named Best Preschool Writer at the first Irish Animation Awards for ‘Punky’. He began writing for children in 1985 scripting comics for Marvel and Look-In. He has been head writer on series ranging from ‘Maisy’ to ‘The Cramp Twins’ and ‘The Adrenalini Brothers’. He is currently scripting ‘Pablo’, a new pre-school series about a child on the autistic spectrum, and is also head writer on ‘Thomas and Friends’.