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Niel Bushnell


Animation Producer/Director

Niel Bushnell, Animation Producer/Director – Qurios

Niel has worked in animation for almost 20 years, starting in traditional 2D feature production before moving into the 3D world of computer games. In 2002 he established his own animation studio, Qurios, producing commercial, corporate and broadcast animation. He’s just co-produced two animated episodes of Doctor Who, as well as the animated sequences for CBBC’s flagship shows, ‘Tracy Beaker Returns’ and ‘The Dumping Ground’. Niel also writes; his first children’s novel, ‘Sorrowline’, is out now from Andersen Press.

Niel's Sessions

Leave them Wanting More…

01 August 2013, 4:46pm-4:46pm

#TCMC “This last session made a very tired woman very happy.” Alison Hume, Sparticles Productions Top Takeaways TV Execs know how to dance in chairs. Catherine Bennett will probably be on a CBBC show very soon. Innocence still exists! Never leave the CMC early! If you were at this year’s…

The Animation Audit

15 July 2013, 12:12pm-12:12pm

#TCMC Blogger: Niel Bushnell “People need to stop moaning, get off their backsides, talk to Skillset and access the money!” Marion Edwards, HIT Entettainment “This fund means I can look to employ two new staff members instead of one.” Jonathan Brown, Lightworx Top Ten Session Takeouts 1.      Creative…

Top Ten Tips to Make ’Em Laugh

12 July 2013, 6:50pm-6:50pm

#TCMC I know nothing about comedy. Sarah Muller – Head of CBBC Acquisitions and Drama Development Give kids lager before they watch your shows, they’ll laugh much more. John Lomas-Bullivant, Writer Speakers: Stephanie Gauld, Digital Publisher - Egmont Sarah Muller, Head of Acquisitions and Drama Development - CBBC Connal Orton,…

Research Insights 4 & 5

17 November 2013, 11:18pm-11:18pm

Blogged by Niel Bushnell. Top Ten Takeouts. 12-15 year old girls send 30 text messages a day. Half of toddlers are surfing the web for movies and games. TV remains central to children but they are mutliscreen users. Internet access is less prevalent in poorer households. 2 in 10 households…

It Doesn’t Need to be Taxing

11 July 2013, 12:50am-12:50am

#TCMC The animation tax-break, how do you qualify, how does it work and how will it affect your business? Blogged by Niel Bushnell. “The discussion covered all the key elements of claiming Tax Credit. The participants were experienced and knowledgeable, and gave us a good perspective on the process.” Ken…

Millennium Galleries Reception

10 July 2013, 9:35am-9:35am

#TCMC Blogger: Niel Bushnell Top ten take-aways Blimey, there’s a lot of people here! You see him/her from (insert channel/production company)? Don’t barge into a private conversation. Wait till they’ve finished before you introduce yourself. How much for a pint?? Go to the cashpoint before. The first drinks are free,…

Entering the Blob!

14 June 2014, 1:46am-1:46am

#TCMC Niel Bushnell is the latest member of the blogging team to look ahead to the CMC.... This is my first year as a blogger for the Children's Media Conference and, even before I've arrived, I'm exhausted! Too many late nights? Hardcore drink and drugs? Animation deadline looming with render…