Nick Brown


CEO & Co-founder

Nick has worked (and played) hard in the media technology sector for the past 30 years, initially in TV airtime sales and scheduling systems. He successfully developed the first campaign tools to aid spot trading between agencies and broadcasters (NOMAD) and consulted for a range of TV companies and ad agencies. Nick sold this company to Pilat, which then floated on UK stock market for £38m. He led the development of the red button technology at Sky, where he was the Head of IT and then went on to set up a2a which became a vehicle to drive interactive technologies. a2a was one of the early pioneers for webTV, and in 2005 launched cubeTV. Nick introduced this to the stock market where it reached a market cap of £45m. Now in its second year, Crossplatform is using augmented reality (AR) to develop high-volume/low-value business models for media companies seeking to use AR to compliment their existing communications strategies. For example – trying to leverage the knowledge gleaned from introducing the red-button on TV to provide a similar service for magazines. Crossplatform AR projects delivered to date include work for Paramount (Transformers), IPC and Future Publishing, Hallmark, Amex, M&S and most recently Clinton Cards. Nick lives in the Sussex countryside with his wife and 4 kids, enjoying rugby and wine!

Nick will be a speaker in “The AR Impact” session