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Juan-Carlos Jeffrey, Consultant

Sarah Kemp, Executive Director


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JCJeffreyHeadshotJuan-Carlos Jeffrey (Consultant)

Churchgate House
56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU
M17 1LB 



Tel: JC Jeffrey +1 416 201 6126
Sarah Kemp +44 161 875 2261

New York Contact: JC Jeffrey +1 416 893 5831
Sarah Kemp +44 7703470280

MIDAS is Manchester’s inward investment agency and its role is to attract new investment and employment to Greater Manchester. MIDAS drives the global business marketing of Manchester as a world-class location for business and delivers an extensive package of expert, free and confidential advice for location consultants and potential investors.

Widely regarded as one of the most effective inward investment teams in the world, MIDAS has a reputation for understanding diverse business needs and helping to remove any barriers for companies looking to expand or relocate into Manchester. We also offer aftercare support to recent investors and we account manage foreign-owned companies in the region.

MIDAS provides services such as relocation support, assistance in finding property solutions, advice on recruitment and training as well as assistance with securing grants. For more information on how we can help you make Manchester part of your success story, contact our team today.