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Ma Lin

Magic Mall

Director of Creative & Content

Ma Lin

Lin is  at Magic Mall, Beijing, overseeing development and production of original IPs. Lin is a graduate of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

Magic Mall was formed in 2008, under DaYe TransMedia Group (est. 1997, known as DYTM) together with sister companies DYTM TV and Ad Society. Magic Mall specializes in creating kids & family entertainment content – original IP includes LuoBaoBei (tv series) and Kick’n’Rush (comic books in collaboration with the Chinese Football Association). Current projects in development are: Running Man Animation (in conjunction with the no.1 reality show produced by the Group); Nestar, a 26*11’animation series partnering with the National Stadium (aka the Bird Nest); and a robot-themed indoor park, GooGo World. It is also the master licensee of the Santa Claus Foundation in China since 2015. Magic Mall provides creative services for character and product designs for long term partners such as the Bank of China, China Mobile, PICC, Beijing Government, HangZhou City Government and DFG Motor Group.