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Lynsey O'Callaghan


Senior Programming Manager

Lynsey O’Callaghan

Lynsey has been a part of the Nick U.K Programming Team for 11 years, after joining from BBC Children’s where she worked for five years. She works as Executive in Charge across Nick U.K., Nick International & Milkshake Pre-School properties and has worked on hundreds of episodes for series including: ‘Becca’s Bunch’, ‘Puffin Rock’, ‘The Day Henry Met’, ‘Wissper’, ‘Lily’s Driftwood Bay’ and ‘Digby Dragon’ plus many more. Lynsey also oversees acquisitions deals for the U.K., and sits on Nickelodeon’s International Programming Council.

Nickelodeon is looking for global propositions that appeal to a wide and diverse audience.  Ideas need to be character driven, surprising, funny and full of heart.