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Luqman Raymond Whittinger

Lookman Film and Animation

Executive Producer and MD

We founded Lookman in 2009 to produce two optioned book-based live-action screenplays and two synergistic animated children’s television series pilots.

Our first completed pilot is Who is Henrietta? A truly unique and innovative entertainment for 7 to 10-year-olds, which will be debuted at this year’s Kidscreen Summit. We have worked closely with the award-winning Orange-Tigerbells studio to develop this project. Can you imagine coming home to find your hometown patrolled by Anubis? However, help is at hand, in the shape of a scatty alien, and a violin-playing trickster.

We anticipate having a second children’s series called Mihte Lugh the Shinning One ready by fall 2012. This is a venture into the genesis of the Celtic hero Lugh of the long arm, who with friends and siblings has to defend the underworld.

We seek to pioneer innovative film / TV programming and develop strong merchandisable brands across all family entertainment sectors.
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Twitter: @Lookman
Mob: +44 7926 184297

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