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Lucy Beckett


Content Producer

Lucy Beckett

Lucy Beckett is a Content Producer at CBeebies. She has 10 years’ experience creating digital content for children, and produced Tiscali TV’s ground breaking VOD channel ‘Scamp’. Having worked on digital content for Cartoon Network, Disney, Chorion, Bookstart and Lego, Lucy now creates website and app content for BBC Childrens, including The Swashbuckle Adventures, Something Special’s Tumble Tapp Snap and the forthcoming Furchester app. Lucy has a keen interest in SEN accessibility, second screen technologies and learning through narratives, and has also written scripts for Justin’s House, Numtums and Swashbuckle.

Lucy's Sessions

Hunting, Finding, Caring, Sharing - Report

05 August 2014, 12:53am-12:53am

While young audiences embrace new and exciting ways to connect with content, what are the implications for the content makers and broadcasters? This session explored the big changes that lie ahead... Takeaway The impact and opportunities of the rapidly changing digital landscape over the past five years has seen a seismic shift in the way that…

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Free Expression, Children and 21st-century Media – Report

25 July 2014, 1:29pm-1:29pm

Some might say that digital safety has been the elephant in the Showroom this year. This debate wasn’t going to squirm from discussing the darker implications of this subject… Takeaway Young people have been pushed and shoved out of the public space and online has become their main connection to navigate…

Commissioner Conversation: Learning - Report

28 July 2014, 1:21pm-1:21pm

As 2014’s CMC begins to draw to a close, there are still some great sessions on offer, including an opportunity to meet some great content commissioners from the learning sector. Takeaway Gamification is becoming an increasing force in the production of learning based content The demand for digital content within this sector…

Research 7: Transformational Technology - Report

28 July 2014, 3:03pm-3:03pm

Takeaway Developments in cognitive theory emphasise that the way children physically interact with media influences how they think and learn New technologies are changing how children physically interact with media New technologies give us a chance to design new experiences and opportunities for children to learn Session Details Andrew Manches…

Research 6: World of Wonder - Report

28 July 2014, 2:58pm-2:58pm

Takeaway The presentation was based on interviews with over 3,000 children aged 10-17 and over 20 focus groups The popularity of gaming continues to grow, inspiring concerns about what the ‘gamification’ of our children will mean to their health and development… Session Details This session was divided into two halves – and…

The Learning Landscape - Report

11 July 2014, 12:15pm-12:15pm

Nine panellists are asked the big questions in this fast paced session... Takeaway Educational content continues to have a viable future in schools, but there are challenges in terms of budget and resources. Games continue to prove their worth as teaching resources – but ultimately it lies with the schools to…

Opening Keynote - Report

07 August 2014, 1:32pm-1:32pm

This year’s conference kicked off with Dylan Collins’ provocative opening keynote (actually, it kicked off with drinks at the Crucible bar, but that was shortly followed by Dylan Collins’ provocative opening keynote).  Takeaway  Mobile – more specifically the challenges that the mobile platform poses to advertisers -  is the biggest…