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Li Yan

Beijing Joy Culture Media

Founder/General Manager

Li Yan

Beijing Joy Culture Media Co., Ltd. (JCM) is a leading international children animation and home entertainment IP production, operation and marketing company based in Beijing. For the past five years they have specialised in Russian animation. They are currently the exclusive agent and responsible for Chinese version production. Joy media has operated over 1000 episode animation TV series in the greater China territory including ‘Smeshariki’ S1, S2, S3, ‘Pincode’, ‘Baby Riki’, ‘The Fixies’, ‘Cut the Rope’ (Om Nom Stories), ‘Flying Animals’, ‘Kids and FA’, ‘The Bubbles’, ‘Robodz’, ‘Leo the Truck’, ‘Colour with Leo’, ‘Doctor McWheelie’, ‘At the Playground’, ‘Max the Excavator’, ‘4 Cars’, ‘Clever Cars’, ‘Car School’, ‘Smarta and Her Magic Bag’, ‘Professor Whysenhower’, ‘Opposites Interact’ and ‘The Mojicons’.

Aiming to bring the best entertaining and educational animation and program to Chinese kids and parents, Joy culture media is committed to building an extraordinary enterprise specialising in content localisation and management of foreign animation brands as perfect tools for communication with kids and young audiences across the China and Asia territory. They provide services including Chinese local adaptation of animation TV series, copyright and trademark registration, content distribution, licensing and merchandising sales, publishing books development, original animation production, co-production and other program copyright acquisition and distribution.