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Lisa Hryniewicz

Managing Director

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Koko Rose Media is a limited company founded by media executive Lisa Hryniewicz and illustrator Jo Rose. We create high-quality kids brands associated with adventure, humour and the environment, for TV, licensing, publishing & digital platforms. 

‘Flora of the Forest’ (preschool, 52 x 11) stars the friendship of townie nature-lover Toby and free-spirited child of the forest, Flora as they lose themselves in the natural world, discovering each other’s amusingly different views on life. In development with Davey Moore, and with the expertise of Chris Packham: 

Who’s that hanging upside down with a dirty face? It’s Flora. What better way to study a bat then try and experience life as one? And here’s townie Toby – laughing and keen to join in but also saying, “What we need is a rope ladder… aaand maybe a crash mat.” Flora scratches her head and says, “What’s a ladder…?” And so another adventure begins!

When city kid Toby connects to the natural world he adores, he discovers Flora – a free spirit and true child of nature. Together they share their love of nature, exchanging very different points of view and experiences that land them in wild adventures with their forest friends.