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Katie Simmons


Writer/ Development Producer

Katie Simmons

Katie started her career writing bar reviews for grown-ups and online content for children. After a brief foray into writing questions for pub quiz machines and learning about VFX magic at Hogwarts, Katie started to work for various parts of the BBC’s Children’s division.
Katie has been involved in the creation and production of many well-loved pre-school brands including Show Me Show Me, Something Special, Mr Bloom’s Nursery and Numtums.
Since embarking on a freelance career, Katie has been developing a number of original ideas as well as working as a scriptwriter for hire.
Katie brings a unique, whimsical charm to her ideas and ensures the audience is at the heart of everything; creating content that feeds imaginations, smiles and play.

Did you know that… Katie’s middle name is Unicorn-Dawn, she is a maestro on the accordion and the founder member of a Cheese Club. Katie also fibs twice in every three-fact sentence.