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Jessica Thornsby

Can Studios

Technical Writer

Jessica Thornsby

Jessica Thornsby studied Creative Writing at the University of Bolton. She has a background in technical writing and reporting, music journalism, and digital marketing. She is the co-author of O’Reilly Media’s iWork: The Missing Manual.

She works as a technical writer at Can Studios, an award-winning team of developers, designers and producers who specialise in developing bespoke elearning materials, learning platforms and systems. Can Studios has created elearning and technology for many big names in the educational industry, including Collins Education, Folens, BoardWorks and Channel 4.

Jessica's Sessions

Report – Minecraft University

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 3:46pm

How is Mindcraft being used in the classroom and at home and what does it offer that traditional education methods may not? Takeaways Minecraft is a world where children are the experts Minecraft is a great opportunity to engage children in a wide range of different subjects - from global…

Report – Sound Advice

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:54pm

The step-by-step guide to finding and using voices in your animation to ensure it stands out from the crowd Takeaways It is crucial that you find the right voice for your characters Dubbing and localising content is a huge and growing part of the animation industry Detail In this session,…

Report – Too Cool for School

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 12:01pm

Does entertainment - film, TV or games - really have a place in the classroom? Takeaways Content originally designed to entertain has great potential to enhance classroom learning, but it needs to be used carefully. The skills children are learning in their own time, through content that’s designed to entertain,…

Report – Innovation in Education

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 9:55am

Serious gaming, edutainment and stealth learning – new technology is breaking the boundaries of the classroom and revolutionising the way we see education Takeaways Digital skills are crucial for empowering students Technology has huge potential to enrich classroom learning and engage students It’s an exciting time to be involved in…

Report – The Creative Edge?

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 3:16pm

An inclusive and inspiring range of talent discussed why diversity is the lifeblood of our industry Takeaways Children’s media has a unique opportunity to build a more inclusive society Inclusivity in the workplace shouldn’t be a boring box-ticking exercise Inclusivity is about improving your business and fuelling creativity by bringing fresh perspectives…

Report – VR 101: Making Virtual a Reality

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 1:42pm

Gaming may be the first thing that springs to mind when you think about virtual reality (VR), but it also has the potential to revolutionise many other areas. The panel explored the way VR is currently being used in children’s media, and its massive potential when it comes to enhancing…

Report – Bible Class 2

Posted on: Tuesday 05 July 2016 7:04pm

Following the huge success of last year’s ‘Bible Class’ workshop, this popular workshop was back for 2016 - this time with character firmly at its core. Takeaway: Character and characterisation are a crucial part of any pitch bible You should know your characters inside out - from their backstory, to…