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Jessica Schibli

BBC Children's & Education

Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Jessica Schibli

Jessica Schibli is the first ever Head of Diversity & Inclusion for BBC Children’s & Education, committed to ensuring that young audiences are reflected authentically in content and ensuring that staff and leadership teams off screen are diverse and inclusive.

Whilst at the BBC, Jessica has led the successful implementation of a comprehensive D&I strategy to diversify the workforce, build a culture of inclusion and ensure representative content for children on screen.

Jessica has delivered focussed diversity training to staff and hosted a series of inclusion sessions on a range of cultures and backgrounds to build an inclusive, welcoming culture for all.

She also manages the expanded BBC Children’s & Education diversity fund to support underrepresented individuals in the children’s media industry and increase off-screen diversity.

Outside of work, Jessica first realised her passion for embedding change and advocating for diversity and inclusion when she set up a forum for underrepresented students at the University of Oxford, which has since supported thousands of students. After working in the Finance industry for 15 years, Jessica took up her role at the BBC.