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Jelena Stosic

The Little Big Partnership


Jelena Stosic

Jelena is an Associate at The Little Big Partnership, a marketing consultancy focused on engaging children and family audiences. She has been working on audience research and analysis for over five years, bringing her insights to clients such as Xbox, Oxfam, Tottenham Hotspur, Unilever and The Little White Company. Jelena listens: to consumers, to survey data, to online buzz, to internal reports…and then starts talking, turning a vast amount of records into a story to support decision-making and awaken creativity.

Jelena's Sessions

Focus on International - Report

Posted on: Friday 03 July 2015 8:49pm

Takeaway Challenges and opportunities are different in different markets – but all recognise that the number of players and channels are making the market more competitive. Australia – Australian Children’s Television Foundation: very interested in culturally relevant content. United States – PBS: US is more competitive than ever, with most…

Research 7: When more is more: Understanding Children's Choice Process - Report

Posted on: Friday 03 July 2015 3:41pm

Takeaway Analysis paralysis occurs when we are presented with too many choices: we analyse which option will give us the best return, but then often over-analyse, get frustrated and may not even make a choice. Adults suffer from option paralysis, but children do not. For them, choosing is far simpler, and…

Research 6: Has Digital Changed Play? - Report

Posted on: Friday 03 July 2015 3:00pm

Takeaway Play is hugely important for children. It helps them develop, learn, reflect on life and sort out events. Very few children feel that they are too old to play: only 6% of 7-12 year olds do. Digital has not “killed” play. The context in which children play has changed;…

What Are Little Girls Made Of - Report

Posted on: Friday 03 July 2015 12:07pm

Takeaway Girls are 50% of the population, but if you look at the media representation, they are outnumbered 3 to 1. Even when shown, they tend to appear as “eye candy” and not as true characters with developed story lines. Parents are the first programmers for children and the ones…

Research 3: Little Miss Understood - Report

Posted on: Friday 03 July 2015 6:22am

Takeaway Celebrate who they are, not who they feel they have to be. If still in doubt, ask: “What would Taylor, do?” (Taylor Swift, of course) When engaging girls, help them have fun, be confident, be their true selves – and forget some of the most-used formulae, such as using…