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Jayne Kirkham


Jayne currently splits her time between adapting Ann Kelley’s Bowerbird novels into a feature film for Artemisia Films, polishing her novel The Bones of Rockham Bay, administering the All Party Parliamentary Group for Children’s Media and the Arts for the CMF, serving on the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Executive and keeping her canoe upright. She is inspired by the young people she works with and who very often put her back in her boat.

Jayne's Sessions

Service with a Smile - Report

23 July 2014, 11:01am-11:01am

Takeaway Developing IP is difficult if your company is unestablished. Service work provides the stability and resources needed to be creators, and to sustain the development. That said, jumping in head first is risky. Slow and steady wins the race. Session details A lot of faith is needed to overcome…

Prix Jeunesse: Still a Kid at 50! - Report

25 July 2014, 1:49pm-1:49pm

The best and most innovative children’s programmes from around the world, fresh from Prix Jeunesse 2014, celebrating its 50th year! Takeaway Fifty years of Prix Jeunesse, for which we shout ‘hooray!’ So much to watch and be inspired Too much to takeaway. So wow. Just wow. Session Details Prixjeunesse. de…

Children's Film: Forever Forgotten? - Report

29 July 2014, 11:56pm-11:56pm

 How do we make more children’s films in the UK? Takeaway It can be done! But it’s long and slow and we really need to push the BFI and politicians and film schools and financiers and distributors to take family films more seriously. Details Family films earn a lot of…

Whatever Happened To The Heroes? - Report

06 August 2014, 9:12pm-9:12pm

Is there a major shift away from action adventure and towards comedy for 6 to 9’s? Will superheroes ever be super again? Takeaway Even though they are quite short and their white armour creaks, stormtroopers are still scary.  Oh, and there will always be heroes, some more super than others.…

Classics Nouveaux

28 July 2014, 11:19am-11:19am

What does it take to keep a ‘classic character’ brand fresh and as relevant for new audiences as when it was created more than a generation ago?  Takeaway When you have a much loved intellectual property, be it an author or a character or a comic, you must love it,…