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Jan Leventhall

Jan Leventhall

Formerly Development Executive for Children’s and Young People’s Programmes at Central/Carlton Television, Jan was involved in the development of a range of children’s programmes including ‘Press Gang’ and ‘Harry’s Mad’.  She was the originator and associate producer of seven series of the multi-award winning C4 series ‘Wise Up.’  More recently Jan has been working in Adult and Further Education and is about to embark on a part time MA in Film and Screen Studies as a mature student.

Jan's Sessions

Meet the Commissioners: Specialists

12 July 2013, 11:03pm-11:03pm

#TCMC Interesting  - it is good to know there are alternative ways of raising funding. Ogodinife Okpue (Adverto) You may not have walked away from this session with a suitcase of cash, but you will have left with new ideas of different funding and partnership options for the future. Top…

Ten Out of Ten Over Fifty: Prix Jeunesse Suitcase

05 July 2013, 2:31pm-2:31pm

#TCMC Kissing, Pissing and Cross Dressing at the Prix Jeunesse!   Just a taster of the varied content showcased at this years Prix Jeunesse suitcase. Produced and Presented by David Kleeman – Chair of International Advisory Board for the Prix Jeunesse Blogged by Jan Leventhall. “I’ve never been to the Prix…

Research Insights 6 & 7

17 November 2013, 11:21pm-11:21pm

iCloudy skies for adults but a bright future for the kids …. Blogged by Jan Leventhall. The obvious thing is that it is all about the apps in the children’s market – how they rule the roost.   Sid Sloane. I make apps for kids – the one thing that…

Ten Game Design Principles for the Next Ten Years

16 July 2013, 11:45pm-11:45pm

#TCMC. Game Designer Breaks the rules! Dr Carla Englebrecht Fisher describes 11 Game Design Principles for the Next 10 Years …. Speaker: Dr Carla Engelbrecht Fisher – Games Designer and Founder, No Crusts Interactive Completely buzzed – want to go home, download apps and start playing. Claire Pye, Macmillan Education Information…

Wednesday Workshop: Co-Pro Clinic

11 July 2013, 9:30am-9:30am

#TCMC Blogger: Jan Leventhall Horns, Speed Dating, Love, Sex and Food at Co-Pro Workshop! “The session explored unexpected depths in such an ever changing market of new players, new  models, and new partnerships.” – Sarah Baynes (Creative Garden) “Clarity is the biggest thing in co-production. Partnership is important -  like…

A new kid on the block.

29 June 2013, 8:00pm-8:00pm

#TCMC Jan Leventhall is one of the blogging team who will be offering all the best bits from the CMC over the next week. The team's blogs will be a great way to catch up on sessions which you couldn't get to. Hello there – my name is Jan and…