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Jamila Metran


Programme Manager

Jamila Metran, Programme Manager – CITV

Jamila joined CITV in September 2004 in the capacity of CITV Administrator. Over the past 5 years, Jamila’s role has expanded to Programme Manager, overseeing all acquisitions and commissions for the channel and working to Controller of ITV Digital Channels. Jamila worked on the launch of the CITV channel in March 2006 which consistently holds its place as the UK’s highest rating commercial children’s channel. In this time, Jamila has worked across shows such as ‘Horrid Henry’, award winning preschool series, ‘Bookaboo’ and was part of the team who brought back Emu . In the past year, Jamila has worked with various producers and advertisers to commission ad-funded shows such as ‘Farm Camp’, ‘Skillicious’ and ‘Green Up Your Life’. Before joining ITV, Jamila worked in distribution, holding sales roles at Fireworks International and Portman Film & TV.