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Heather McDaid



Heather McDaid

Heather is the coordinator of ScotLitFest, a virtual book festival celebrating Scottish literature as part of the Saltire Society’s 80th anniversary, social media officer for the Society of Young Publishers Scotland and a freelance writer and publishing person.

When not writing about music for magazines including Upset and Rock Sound, she can be found blogging events, editing books, doodling, coding and running social media campaigns for a number of companies. She just generally likes books, comics and digital.

She can be found at @heathermmcd, and her ramblings found on her website.

Heather's Sessions

Report – Co-Development: When Two Become One

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 3:54pm

In their so-true-to-life simulation, a newbie creator, backed by a panel of experts, negotiated the co-development of his brilliant concept with a rights hungry studio. Takeaways Get everything on rights, partnerships and costs set on paper Keep your idea simple and easy to upsell Be ready for change – pick your…

Report – Making Access Happen

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:55pm

"Media cannot reflect society, if society is not reflected in the media." How can the kids’ media sector open its doors to a wider range of entrants to the workplace? Takeaways: These conversations have been happening for years, and need to go further Change the system and the way you…

Report – Focus on Europe

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 2:13pm

With the increased demand for content on increasingly smaller budgets, this session took everyone on a tour of Europe to find out where the money is and how to get your hands on it! Takeaways: There can be a difference in how stories are told culturally, so consider this with…

Report – Representation

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:43am

Does the children’s industry across both TV and toys represent diversity? Should global television and toy brands with cultural sway have any moral duty to do so? The speakers debated on how disability is viewed across the sector, how we can move away from stereotyping and what key brands are…

Report – Mapping Data, Building An Audience

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2016 11:30am

The art of building a content masterpiece through data-driven decisions as well as incorporating real audience engagement patterns Takeaways Help boost the profile of your videos by understanding how to utilise YouTube data A user’s understanding can be vital in shaping design and tells you where and why users are…

Report – Making it Happen for UK Kids

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2016 12:36pm

A Question Time-style panel on issues facing children’s media, with focus on the B word: Brexit. Takeaways: There are global opportunities, particularly through YouTube The industry is already used to complex deals, we just need to look further afield and go into new markets to keep doing what we do…