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Gráinne McGuinness

Paper Owl Films

Creative Director

Gráinne McGuinness

Gráinne is the creator of ‘Pablo’ for CBeebies and RTÉJr., distributed internationally by CAKE and co-produced with Kavaleer Productions. This series is now celebrated all over the world for its timely portrayal of a smart little autistic character.

As Creative Director at Paper Owl, Gráinne leads the development of ambitious content for large scale audiences. This also includes a passion for the survival of minority languages borne out in the production of Irish language content like preschool cookery series ‘Bia Linn’ & a wildlife series Na Dulradóirí, for 8 – 12 year olds on TG4.

Gráinne's Sessions

Preview: The Creator's Inner Child

Posted on: Sunday 05 July 2020 6:23pm

Grainne McGuinness, Creative Director of Paper Owl Films, took on an ambitious project for CMC 2020 Online What kind of kid were you? How does that kid speak to the story worlds you create for young audiences today? We asked some stellar creators that very question… What did Keith Chapman get…

Nancy Kanter

On-Demand Content

Nancy’s inner child has had her dream of telling stories to children come true. From as early as she can remember stories were where Nancy could move beyond her cul-de-sac world and imagine a more exciting, adventurous life.  Adult Nancy has made it her mission to inspire that child like…

Angela Santomero

On-Demand Content

Angela was a TV kid. She was that preschooler who couldn’t sit closer to the television when ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ was on. Mister Rogers spoke to her. Her inner child is delighted with how grown up Angela had the opportunity to bring ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood’ to a new generation today.…

Shabnam Rezaei

On-Demand Content

Her father’s passion to tell detailed stories, with interesting characters, and having something to talk about is the gift Shabnam wants to share and grow in every child. Whether it is a cloud in the sky, a metal sculpture, an African mask, a painting of a bird, a water view…

Sumita Majumdar

On-Demand Content

Sumita’s multi-sensory thinking-style heightens her ability to access childhood memories in a unique way. The sensory information that she absorbs from her surroundings, fuels her over-active imagination."When I remember a past experience, it can feel like it’s happening right now, in an emotional and sensory way". Her past experiences live…

Laura Henry-Allain

On-Demand Content

Laura grew up in London in a diverse community. She is the middle child of six children and has dyslexia. Not surprising then that this child grew up to create content that celebrates diversity, family and community told through all the heart of the little girl inside that truly loved…

Andrew Brenner

On-Demand Content

Andrew listens carefully to his inner child when writing for children because that’s his connection to what childhood is like. His inner child also keeps him close to what it means to be an adult more generally and what we risk losing contact with by 'growing up'.

Keith Chapman

On-Demand Content

In a busy London family, Keith’s child self was passionate about art and football and he is still friends with his childhood buddies. No surprise then that grown up on the outside Keith is still passionate about drawing, football and creating colourful characters today.