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Gas Tank Productions

Sebastian Bance, Producer

Oliver Bance, Executive Producer

Gas Tank Productions

Oliver Bance (Executive Producer)




Sebastian Bance (Producer)

17 Falmer Road
N15 5BA

Tel: +44 (0)7882 441651
Miami Contact: +44 (0)7549 519160 (Oliver Bance) +44 (0)7882 441651 (Sebastian Bance)

Gas Tank’s mission is comedy first storytelling for children. We create unique, playful worlds that are edgy, funny and put children at the centre of the story. We run a writers-room environment for scripting and development, working with some of the best writers and storytellers on the UK comedy scene. Our cartoons have a unique look and style, inspired by the cartoons we grew up with, and injected with humour and life by our in-house design team.

Current projects in development are ‘Sweet Dreams’ a spooky animated comedy about a boy and a grumpy unicorn who battle monsters. Inspectigator a comedy about a bumbling Alligator detective, ‘Soupa!’ an animated comedy about a girl who gets super powers when she eats soup told by a Good and an Evil Narrator. ‘Sarah The Half Mermaid’ a coming-of-age story about the least popular girl in the ocean.

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