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Emily Jones

Channel 4

Commissioning Editor Education and Documentaries

Emily Jones

Emily is responsible for the Education commissioning at Channel 4, which includes programming aimed at 10-14 year olds and 14-19 year olds. Recently Emily’s commissions have included ‘Gogglesprogs’, ‘Class of Mum and Dad’ and soon to air, ‘Postcode Playdates’ which were all given mainstream slots and full promotion. For the older age group she has been responsible for the ‘Extraordinary Teens’ season of documentaries, ‘Taxi of Mum and Dad’, ‘Is Love Racist?’, ‘House of Teen Mums’ and ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’. Under Education Emily also oversees the online platform AmINormal? and commissions original online shorts.

Before joining Channel Four, Emily worked at the BBC and across the Indie Sector as a programme maker responsible for factual content including developing and directing the first ‘Secret Millionaire’ and ‘Undercover Boss’.