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Peter Phillips

Managing Director


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Creativity needs passion and passion needs creativity. DeepAtlasBlue exists to bring both passion and creativity to the world. We strive to bring ideas into being and to bring joy to those who engage with it. 

For Kidscreen we bring ‘The Nudibranchs’ – an underwater animation adventure for 4-6 year olds. Based on real-life reef dwellers, join Flash and her friends as they travel to distant destinations in search of music, magic and adventure, solving problems and building their band and dreams of stardom along the way. 

Aided by a magical brain coral – The Willow Stone – they can be transported anywhere in the world. It also transfers great power to those who use it.  But beware of Bardo, a heavy metal-loving Crown of Thorns starfish! He has ambitions of his own to rule the world of music and will do whatever he can to stop Flash and her friends.

 With the Nudibranchs, take a fantastic journey with them to discover places and tell inspiring stories about working together to create a thriving ecosystem, combining fun and education along the way.