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Lee Garrett

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Create a Scene

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Create a Scene is a creative development company. Handling such aspects as the design and production of pitch and L&M bibles, organising vocal sessions, music, writing pilot scripts and coordinating any part of the development process.

I’m looking for a co-production partner to develop my own project – ‘Brootus’ to further develop and to pitch to broadcasters. Full octane all out action comedy, full of visual gags and witty humour.

Squashed up against the sprawling city of Megalomania sits Cornville. It’s the homestead of The Yolkels who grow nothing but pure golden corn. Corn Maestro Brooster, keeps everyone smiling and laughing with his klutzy but adorable ways.

After an accident involving a super machine that turns Yolkels corn into super clean super fuel, one bite of golden corn transforms Brooster into Brootus. Now he’s a klutz with superpowers for 6 minutes! Oh boy.

His mission is to stop city supremo and terrible tycoon J.J. Bullion from destroying their little hamlet and building his super highway right through it.

But trying to stop Brootus from destroying everything in sight, whilst he’s trying to stop Bullion destroying Cornville, can be challenging to say the least.

Luckily he has a family that tries to steer him in the right direction. With Yolk-Fu kicking sister Marsha and crazy inventor Elderbeak, let the fun and fight back begin!