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Chronically Creative

Helena Mitchell

Presenter/Voice Actor/Writer/Comedian

Chronically Creative

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Chronically Creative is a British kids media company with an important message “be kind to your mind and to others”.

Chronically Creative was fabricated by presenter, actor and comedian Helena Mitchell in June 2021. Helena created Chronically Creative as a way to give back and use media for good. Inspiring both children and adults via dual viewing/reading to be confident in themselves and their creativity. Whilst developing their imaginations and their knowledge of the world to help spread kindness and joy.

Chronically Creative has two meanings. From an outside point of view it means to always be creative, which is what describes our founder Helena’s life. However, it’s more than that. Helena lives with 9 autoimmune chronic health conditions. As a result she is an advocate for raising awareness of chronic health conditions, particularly invisible illnesses both mental and physical, in order to eliminate the stigma and help those like her understand they are wanted, seen, heard and most importantly not alone.

Helena wants to prove to others that if she can get through diagnosis after diagnosis, surgery after surgery, being told she will not be able to continue in her career and that she will lose her voice, to making a full time living out of using her voice, then you can do anything you want to. If you want something bad enough, go get it. Do what makes you happy, don’t worry about ‘what if’s’ or what the future may hold, live for the moment, spread joy, be kind and love life. We are all different and that’s what makes life beautiful, so embrace it because “your differences are your superpower”.