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Chris Kempt

Burke & Best


Chris Kempt

After writing what was possibly the first indie mobile game on a TI81 in 1991 Chris Kempt screwed around with both art and music until falling into the internet industry at the tail-end of the .com boom. Following this he wrote one of the first online games in ’98, the world’s first online CAD system in ’99 and, most excitingly, the Oftel website in 2000. He then joined just in time for the .com crash.

Since then he’s managed to have enough of a career to hold his own on Linked-in, won some awards, laughed at Duncan Bananatime, started two game studios and been responsible for the deaths of several hundred thousand virtual squirrels.


For some reason he’s currently being allowed to run Burke and Best but he’s sure to be found out at some point.