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Cate Zerega

University of Nottingham


Cate Zerega

Cate hails from Chicago – so she likes her theatre fringe and her pizza deep. Her MA thesis analyses male anxiety in post war Hollywood film for the Institute for Screen Research at the University of Nottingham. Cate has worked in casting, as a talent agent and as a nanny; her resume means she no longer fears anything. 

Cate's Sessions

Report - Commissioner Conversations: Branded Content

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 9:44pm

Takeaway: Do your brand homework. New IP has to fit with the brand voice to make an impact. Think more kid - qualitative child research is at the forefront of Beano Studios.  CMC Changemaker Femi Owolade-Coombes said it best: the future is inclusive and collaborative. Detail: Moderator, TV presenter Nigel…

Report - If we can’t Measure it, how can we Manage it?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 3:54pm

Takeaway:     Kids don’t see their viewing as fragmented because they are adept at navigating to get to the programming they want.     Visual appeal, ease and the impact of voice as interface are all important factors in the future of children’s programming.     Qualitative data is immeasurably important…

Report - Research 5 & 6

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:28am

There is no really safe place where parents feel they can let their children go wild in the current voice world. The industry has not addressed parental fears of the long term impact voice technology will have on their children. Takeaway: The most successful games are built around social mechanics…

Report - Technology - What’s Next?

Posted on: Thursday 05 July 2018 12:08am

Takeaway: Consumers can expect to see reliable AR hardware on the market within 2 years. Emerging technology combinations learn and adapt, allowing children forward movement in infinite directions instead of traditional linear paths. This is exciting, terrifying and full of potential. Detail: Moderator Matthew Thomas of MTM began the discussion…

Report - Out and Proud? Or Still Under Wraps?

Posted on: Wednesday 04 July 2018 7:30pm

Takeaway: ·     Neil Gaiman said, “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” Let’s beat them together. - Olly Parker ·     Let’s see this panel on the center stage next year - Shabnam Rezaei ·     Be…

Report - CMC SkillBuilder: Building a Bible

Posted on: Tuesday 03 July 2018 11:24pm

Takeaway: ·     The best bibles don’t tease the broadcaster, they show that you can do the job. ·     Collaboration is about finding people who understand your style. ·     The most effective pitchers are magicians - they have passion, they have vision for the pipeline and most importantly they are adaptable. Detail: Alison Norrington,…