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Cate Zerega

Freelance Production Coordinator

Cate Zerega

Cate has worked as a nanny, a talent agent, in casting & production. Cate’s resume means she no longer fears anything and has sunblock & headshots always about. She completed an MA in the screen industries in 2018 & works passionately to promoting female filmmakers.

Cate's Sessions

Report - China - A Creative Approach 

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2019 9:51pm

Connecting with the Chinese market can be difficult but very rewarding. With a lot of hard work you can create something very successful. This session gave advice to those looking at cracking the Chinese market, and was upfront about the challenges. Takeaway:  Creators acknowledge that they don’t know how China…

Report - Commissioner Conversations VoD

Posted on: Friday 05 July 2019 9:48pm

Takeaway: Online Safety, although viewed differently is a guiding principal in all commissioning. Content with high and forward thinking child discoverability is lucrative in commissioning VoD. Detail: Nico Franks of C21 Media kicked off the conversation asking what has worked for commissioners in the past, what they’re looking for next…

Report - Online Killed the TV Star

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 10:34pm

5 BILLION YouTube videos are watched EVERY DAY. With 430, 000 hours of content being uploaded to the platform every day, it’s no surprise that we all fear the demise of TV as we know it. Takeaway:                           …

Report - Unconscious Bias

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 3:12pm

Increase your awareness of your bias... One way to do so is to take an implicit association test. Practise good self-care so that you can free up brain space to better challenge your implicit bias. We can help change a child’s brain structure by what we show them. Takeaway: Only…

Report - First Timers Lunch

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2019 9:13am

The Hubs Hideout hosted Ester Kaufmann and her 'conference buddies' - CMC experts who have been attending since at least 2013 - for a relaxed lunch packed with tips and tricks to help new attendees navigate the conference hustle with confidence and aplomb. Takeaway:     Newbie homework from Esther Kaufmann -…

Report – Opening Keynote: Nadiya Hussain

Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2019 10:40pm

Tonight at Sheffield City Hall, CMC Advisory Chair, Sue Nott, welcomed the huge gathering of CMC delegates and asked us all to reflect upon what it means to be ‘limitless’- the theme for CMC 2019. With an outstanding address made by Changemaker Noga Levy-Rapoport, the 17-year-old student challenged the audience…