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Cate Zerega

Freelance Production Coordinator

Cate Zerega

Cate has worked as a nanny, a talent agent, in casting & production. Cate’s resume means she no longer fears anything and has sunblock & headshots always about. She completed an MA in the screen industries in 2018 & works passionately to promoting female filmmakers.

Cate's Sessions

Report - Commissioner Conversations Channels

Posted on: Friday 09 July 2021 11:26pm

Takeaways The priority for both brands is being where kids are.  Projects that have local content with global legs are a fit across platforms.  Exciting pitches have diversity baked into the idea and the team and helps brands reach and reflect all children and voices. Zia Bales is open for…

Report - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on: Thursday 08 July 2021 11:33pm

Takeaways The platform landscape is impacting show development and creating exciting opportunities for experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking.  This is a great time for projects championing diversity on screens and behind the scenes.  It’s a great moment for projects about mindfulness. The dragons heard diverse and vibrant five minute pitches from…

Report - Commissioner Conversations BBC

Posted on: Thursday 08 July 2021 6:51pm

Takeaways BBC Children’s has moved to an open-door pitch policy, and ideas can be pitched when ready, no need to wait on the calendar.  The team welcomes ideas rooted in British culture that reflect the variety of lives of kids growing up in the UK today. New and platform-agnostic voices/projects…

Report - The Key To... Konnie Huq

Posted on: Wednesday 07 July 2021 2:41am

Takeaways If people can get the kids right then the future is bright.  You have to see it to be it, so inclusivity is an important norm to continue pursuing. Your little me, when joined with the other little me’s, can spread the opportunity and responsibility for climate sustainability and…

Report - Question Time

Posted on: Wednesday 07 July 2021 1:05am

Takeaways There is still long-term value in investment in original content. The path forward in regulating cyberspace might be to protect the positive features of children creating content for themselves while designing protections and transparent processes for the young audience. If we want younger people to engage with the PSBs,…