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Cate Zerega

Freelance Production Coordinator

Cate Zerega

Cate has worked as a nanny, a talent agent, in casting & production. Cate’s resume means she no longer fears anything and has sunblock & headshots always about. She completed an MA in the screen industries in 2018 & works passionately to promoting female filmmakers.

Cate's Sessions

Report - Understanding Kids in the Metaverse

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2022 6:25pm

Takeaways Kids use the metaverse for play. Kids showed us during the pandemic how they want to use the metaverse - when they hit a barrier they'd figure out a way to hack it. Children's media needs to be consistent in putting children over and above profits. Host Gary Pope…

Report - The Young Audiences Content Fund, What Next?

Posted on: Thursday 07 July 2022 2:05pm

John McVay, OBE, was absent and sent a statement on behalf of Pact.  Takeaways The next step for the children's media industry is to craft a single objective that captures the value of children's content for its many stakeholders, including government, parents, institutions and teachers. Once this has been agreed…

Report - Mentor Me, Mentor You

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2022 9:19pm

Takeaways Resilience & Gentle Persistence: There’s one yes out of twenty no’s. Lead with your voice - it’s better to know the writer’s voice for effective feedback & advice Learn the rules but don’t be bound by them - Each show is written on differently, down to the script font.…

Report - Animation Assemble!

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2022 9:05pm

Takeaways Invest in concrete disability training for all people and talent teams to see the rewards. Children need to know there’s a world worth saving. When you invest in children, you invest in the future: don’t trivialise the work of investing in children. Host Beth Parker began CMC’s panel about…

Report - Commissioner Conversations, Pre-school

Posted on: Wednesday 06 July 2022 2:53pm

Takeaways The best commissions are child-centred. ‘Broadcast sensibility’ is still important across platforms. Kids are brilliant at self-curation and are good at discovering ‘known’ IP. Shows that stand out on busy platforms are more likely to win commissions.   Host Tiernan Douieb asked the panellists to begin by summarising their…