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Becky Jones

Boojum Media

Executive Producer

Becky Jones

Becky is an executive producer at Boojum Media, an independent company specialising in education content and documentaries for children. Becky was formerly executive producer for primary and secondary news and curriculum content at Discovery Education, promoted to Head of News and Video. Through her career she has been a producer/director at the BBC, Granada, LWT, C4, C5 and A&E Networks on award-winning history/science/arts series ranging from ‘Horizon’ to ‘Child of our Time’. She was Head of Development at leading indie Wag TV. Becky is also a journalist and is the co-author of a series of non-fiction books for children, ‘Adventure Walks’ and ‘The Bumper Book of London’. She is a Member of William Tyndale Primary School in London. She founded Boojum Media in 2018.

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