Barney Harwood



Blackpool-born Barney Harwood started his career in Boy Band Goal at the age of 17 and after just 2 years he made the move in to television presenting on the popular music show Planet Pop. Before long Barney was asked to join the team at CBBC where he has been entertaining the nation’s children ever since.

Barney became a popular face through his work on the flagship Sunday morning show Smile alongside his friend Nev the bear. In 2007 Barney was awarded a BAFTA for his work over the shows 6 series and was crowned ‘Best TV Presenter’. He was then asked to star in a lead role in a spin off sitcom Bear Behaving Badly for which Barney also composed the theme tune.
As well as a string of successful TV shows such as Totally Doctor Who, The Sorcerers Apprentice, Smokehouse, Barney’s Barrier Reef, School of Silence, Basil and Barney’s Swap Shop and the extremely popular Prank Patrol (which he also wrote music for), Barney has also worked on the extremely popular Children’s Radio shows Go 4 It and Big Toe, presents the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall and has appeared in Pantomimes over the past 6 years.

After winning ‘best script’ and ‘best one off documentary’ at New York’s Kid’s Screen Awards for the Newsround bereavement special Gone, Barney has been asked to present another special programme on Alcohol. Barney can currently be seen in Basil and Barney’s Swap Shop and Bamzooki every Saturday, Prank Patrol every Thursday and Sunday, Bear Behaving Badly every Sunday and also can be heard as the voice over for Natural Born Hunters every Tuesday. His latest series Barney’s Latin America is due to transmit later this year.