Barney Harwood


Actor and Presenter

Barney Harwood
Barney Harwood entertained audiences on the CBBC for over 15 years being a staple presenter for a whole generation of young audiences. In 2007 he won a Children’s BAFTA for Best Presenter and a gold Blue Peter badge in 2017 after presenting the show for nearly 7 years.
He has presented a whole range of shows such as ‘Crush’, ‘Totally Doctor Who’, ‘Prank Patrol’, ‘Bear Behaving Badly’ and ‘Inside Life’. And collaborating with his fair share of puppet characters like Basil Brush, Hacker T. Dog and Nev the Bear.
Since leaving the BBC he has swapped a career on screen for one behind the screen, training as a drone pilot (and a real pilot) and working on a range of different projects, going back to the roots of what he loves.