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Andy Heath

Talk to the Hand


Andy Heath

Talk to the Hand Productions was founded in 2005 by puppeteers Andy Heath and Iestyn Evans, and has long been the go to company for bringing puppet characters vividly to life on screen. Their unique combination of talents as designers, makers, performers, writers and directors, honed over a combined 40 years in the industry, means that they bring their eye for detail in puppetry to every stage of production, from page, to workshop, to studio…right the way through to the edit suite.

They are best known for creating the puppet cast and overseeing all the puppetry for BBC3’s ‘Mongrels’, for which they won a Royal Television Society Award in 2012.

Talk to the Hand has designed and created, performed and directed characters for the BBC, Disney, The Jim Henson Company, Working Title, Hat Trick, Sky Arts, Ragdoll, Kids TV, Lego and Endemol.

In the music industry they have worked with The Scissor Sisters, Cold Play and The Gorillaz.

In addition to Mongrels, key projects include: ‘Yonderland’ (Working Title), ‘The Evermore Chronicles’ (Disney), ‘ABC Bear’ (Kids TV), ‘That Puppet Game Show’ (The Jim Henson Company) and ‘OtherwOrld’ (Hat Trick).