Amy Tambyraja



Amy Tambyraja

Amy has worked at the BBC for 14 years, the majority of which has been in Talent. For the last 7 years Amy has been a Talent Manager in BBC Children’s. As of April this year her Talent Manager role moved into BBC Studios as part of the newly formed Kids & Family department.

Amy is responsible for hiring off-screen Talent, both editorial and production management, across all genres in Kids & Family.  Hiring for Animations such as JoJo & Gran Gran and Supertato, factual shows such as Blue Peter and The Dengineers, formats such as our current Art Competition Britain’s Best Young Artist and pre-school shows such as our annual panto/Christmas show plus Justin Fletcher titles such as Something Special amongst others.

Amy is an inclusive hirer with a keen eye on making sure our productions have a diverse mix of talent at all levels.