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Alison Stewart


Head of CBeebies Production, Animation and Acquisitions

Alison Stewart

Alison has worked in Children’s Media Production for most of her career, first at the BBC and later as a freelance Producer, Director and Scriptwriter. She later returned to the BBC as Executive Producer in CBeebies Production, and moved to her current position five years ago.

CBeebies is the BBC’s pre-school channel, making mixed genre content for children from 0 – 6 years. She leads a team which creates, develops and produces TV, online, mobile and radio content for the Channel, both for the UK audience and for the international market via co-productions. She also heads up the Channel’s Acquisitions team, which offers pre-buy investment in animated titles.

Wednesday Workshop: Bible Class

01 July 2015, 1:00pm-5:00pm
HUBS The Stage

The Pitch Bible paves your way to development heaven. It’s the essential tool utilized for the presentation of your property to broadcasters and investors, and the key element when working together with your partners, and your writing and creative teams on the development of the project This session will take a look at what exactly constitutes a bible, different bible terminology, putting together the perfect bible, what broadcasters are looking for in a bible, how they like to be pitched a bible, and how bibles should be adapted and written to fit both the needs of platforms and investors, and…

Storytelling: The Pre-school Parent Trap

03 July 2015, 9:40am-10:40am
Showroom Cinema 2

Broadcasters offer preschool programming for children aged 0-6 years, a very wide age span.  Because there’s always the chance that the youngest children in the audience might be watching without an adult, broadcasters tend to favour content that does not contain anything too scary or sophisticated for a 2-3 year old, even if it is intended for an older audience. Where can 4-6 year olds find developmentally appropriate content that will arm them with the cognitive, social and emotional tools they will need for school and beyond? Some UK-funded live-action programming does cater to that older audience, but preschool animation…

Plus Ça Change

03 July 2015, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Showroom Cinema 4

The creative decisions which are taking brands like ‘Clangers’, ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Dangermouse’ into the 21st Century. This session began with a presentation by Changemaker Guilherme Coelho, 01Digital Brazil. Full video of Guilherme's presentation: Changemaker producers: Jake Hobbs, Head of Digital & Vicky Brophy, Head of Production, Wonky Films.

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