What Next for Kids?

Taking a deep dive into the issues of the day, dynamic thinkers across children’s broadcasting, publishing and education focus the debate on what we should be producing to support the young audience.

Post-pandemic our kids are entering a new phase of global unravelling – the war in Ukraine, failure of government, environmental destruction, poverty, inflation, fake news… the list is long.  And young people themselves are being characterised as “behind” – educationally and socially and under huge pressure on their mental well-being. The question for this session is what does that all mean for children’s media? How do we make sure we both create content that they want to watch, that will also help kids navigate the world they find themselves in today. 

Our panel takes a close look into the issues that children are facing and debates the question, what is our responsibility as content makers  in children’s media?  Where do we draw the line between education and entertainment and do the responsibilities differ?  Is balance and detachment still essential or should engagement and commitment be the priority?  With an overwhelming barrage of negativity out there, we ask the question, is it all doom and gloom?  How do we turn the tide and support the next generation?  Should we be telling stories of resilience and empowerment to  bring our kids to a better place?

The Creative Keynote includes a presentation by Changemaker Inspiring Vanessa
Changemaker Producer Danielle Harrison