Twitch Kids: The Future will now be Live-streamed by Teens

Gaming & esports has moved into the limelight with platforms like Twitch taking over the lion’s share of the teen & tween entertainment market. Can children’s TV & film keep-up?

Did Mainstream media forget about the teen? Streaming broadcasters offer a vast selection of titles to watch but teenagers want to watch themselves. Twitch Kids takes a look at the state of children’s media and shows how today, it’s turned into a multiplatform digital experience with gaming and live streaming taking up a growing percentage of the average adolescents attention. 

Each day, close to 10 million people watch, talk, play and stream video games on Twitch, the world’s most popular site for live streaming. 21% of those visitors are teens  (13-17 year olds). Twitch Kids explores the expansion of live stream gaming into the entertainment market and looks at how with the recent rise of eSports younger audiences are playing video games – and earning from it – more than ever before. But how does this all impact the kids and at what age should children be gaming professionally? What about their education? Is there a way for esports, gaming, entertainment and education to meet and provide positive solutions for both content creators and content consumers alike.  And if there is, how do we do it and who is looking out for whom?