Tim Bain on creating ‘Kangaroo Beach’

Tim Bain on creating animated action series ‘Kangaroo Beach’ and how he combined entertaining stories with water safety lessons.

Scriptwriter Tim Bain, who has written some of the most popular kids’ shows around, talks writer-to-writer about how he created his first series, ‘Kangaroo Beach’, with Dilpreet Kaur Walia. ‘Kangaroo Beach’ is ‘Baywatch’ for kids; an animated action-comedy series about four young cadets spending an epic summer on a spectacular beach, training with their lifeguard heroes, learning to surf, scuba dive and rescue stranded swimmers. Tim talks about the inspiration behind the idea, the intricacies of creating something with important messaging that is first and foremost funny, and how he worked with various partners around the world including ABC Kids in Australia and Nick Jr in the UK. This is an amusing and inspirational chat from a former CMC Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is pitch competition winner, highlighting the importance of hard work, persistence and networking.